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Commerce Has Out-innovated Payments, We’re Helping Brands Catch Up

We’re a Series A startup building an innovative stored value platform for businesses. We help merchants increase retention, keep and report on funds in their ecosystem, manage incentives, and lower payment costs.

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If you’re excited about being an early team member and helping to define our culture, future teammates, and product direction, we’d love to talk with you.

Our Founders

Sophia Goldberg

CEO & Co-Founder

Sophia is the CEO and Co-Founder of Ansa. Previously she managed enterprise accounts and built products at Adyen. She also authored the best-selling “The Field Guide to Global Payments”.

JT Cho

CTO & Co-Founder

JT is the Co-Founder and CTO of Ansa. Prior to Ansa he shipped products on the engineering teams at Affirm, Google, and Impira.

Our Values

Bias to action, momentum is everything

We collaborate efficiently

Getting it right is better than being right - we win as a team

Be an owner

Have an eternal learner’s mindset

Enjoy the journey and be good to each other

Our Culture

We believe in shipping product with a unified sense of focus, which is why we prioritize our values, product principles, and how we collaborate together. We have a strong ethos of intentionality and a fixation on delivering products that our customers love.

While we take our work seriously, we strive to foster a culture of levity, curiosity, and kindness!

As an in-person team, we live for the office white-boarding moments, fun lunch conversations, and monthly game nights. We all play a role in making the office an exciting and safe space to be.

We’re proud to be building an inclusive team and welcome all orientations, identities, origins, religions, and ancestry.

Open Roles